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Our Method

Our Method




Whether you have existing digital content you would like updated, a live-class to be reimagined in a digital format, or just an idea to fill a training gap at your organization, Innovalearn® is here to help. Our team works with you to produce creative content that fits your unique needs and preferences.


Once we assess what type of training solution best fits your organization, we begin the process by doing all of our “homework”. Innovalearn® will develop content from scratch, or enhance your current content with thorough research and structure. Our team of educators will work together to ensure that your finished project covers all teach points and presents them to learners in a logical and accessible way. Innovalearn’s research phase also extends into current market research in order to best identify training gaps and uncover market trends.


Now that all of the facts have been collected and laid out, it’s time to infuse that instructions with some personality! Innovalearn understands that there are many educational content providers out there. We pride ourselves on taking the time to develop scripts that are conversational, logical, and entertaining to the end viewer. Our writers work collaboratively with our creative team to generate lessons go beyond simply teaching or informing, and seek to engage the attention of today’s busy learners.



Innovalearn® knows that the production process begins before the day we film, because each aspect of our productions are carefully planned out. Our strict attention to detail extends beyond the content itself into selecting just the right actors, props, costumes, and locations for each learning series. On set, our team carefully monitors all aspects of production to make sure that your final piece is not only educational, but high-quality.



The final aspects of post-production are carefully monitored, just like the rest of our process. Customized graphic content, voice-over, and animations are added, careful video editing and sound mixing is applied and re-applied. As always, we draw from our own experience as well as the preferences and tastes of our clients to guide us when developing your unique learning series.


So now you have your bright, shiny, newly completed training series, but how do you get it to your learners and track their progress? If you don't already have a content delivery network, Innovalearn® can introduce you to our Learning Management System (LMS), Schoox. We can set you up with a liason who will provide consultation on using Schoox, both as an admin and as an end-learner. Innovalearn will assist in managing lesson content on Schoox, and building your unique digital learning platform for all lessons, quizzes, and final course exams.

If you already have an LMS or Content Delivery Network, Innovalearn® is happy to deliver your finished e-learning or training series in the format best suited for your organization.

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